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Some new stuff!
I know we’ve been totally slacking off on updates and what not… but we’re back in the swing of things and you can expect all sorts of stuff!!!
Check out this 8g Hammered Shield! We hammer these by hand out of a single piece of gold!

Also, behold the simple splendor of our Baronet! Shown in rose gold with paraiba and white topaz, and yellow gold with smokey quartz and black spinel!

This princess drop septum piece in white gold featuring smokey quartz is brought to you by all of us here at Scylla Jewelry. 

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superhorny-secret asked:

do you sell piercings, if so, where? :)

We are s wholesaler, we deal directly with local piercing/tattoo studios.
Talk to your piercer about helping you place an order. We can supply them with a catalog and price guide if they’ve not ordered from us in the past.
Feel free to message of email us with any questions.

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